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(April 26 2011) DHR co-signs a letter to Barhain's Crown Prince Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa
DHR and a number of other medical organisations criticise violations of medical neutrality recently perpetrated my security forces in Bahrain

(July 29th 2008) Healthcare inquiry calls for change to prevent further deaths
Healthcare inquiry calls for change to prevent further deaths. The report of the UK inquiry into healthcare for people with learning disability concluded that they are indeed discrimated against

(17th Dec 2007) DHR members letter in Lancet on detainees treatment
DHR former executive committee member Chris Burns-Coxs letter, co-signed by chair Peter Hall amongst others, on doctors responsibilities towards detainees

(29th Sept 2007) DHR letter in the BMJ argues BMA in denial over refused asylum seekers healthcare
DHR points out that the BMA’s silence has given a green light to the Government’s anticipated new legislation limiting refused asylum seekers healthcare even further

(10th Sept 2007) DHR writes to Secretary for State for health over refused asylum seekers healthcare
DHR points out that the Governments policy violates international law and that the periodic report to the Commmittee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights is dishonest to claim the UK is observing the Covanent progressively

(11th Aug 2007) DHR Comment on refused asylum seekers’ access to healthcare published in Lancet
DHR afforded the opportunity to be more reflective on the issues and discuss principles involved. Extensive quotations from Parliamentary Human Rights Committee report support DHR’s criticism of the violatins of health rights

(5th May 2007) DHRs BMJ letter criticises the BMA over its deafening silence
DHR criticises the BMA over their failure to condemn the withdrawal of access to free secondary healthcare for failed asylum seekers. It explains why the BMA has become part of the problem

(24th March 2007) DHR Lancet letter criticises Lancets publisher, Elsevier, for promoting arms sales
DHR praises the Lancet as a global resource whose scientific content is required reading governments in addtion to the medical profession. The journal’s reputation must not be compromised by an association with products so manifestly harmful to mankind.

(13th Jan 2007) DHR letter in the Lancet demonstrates how health is the most important foreign policy objective
The letter points out that General Comment 14 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights specifically requires states to respect, and discourage other states or international organisations from violating, health rights in other countries. It also reminds readers that electorates are responsible for ensuring that the governments they elect respect international law and punish perpetrators

(12th Dec 2006) Parliamentary JCHR considers DHR’s report
The Joint Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights is holding an inquiry into the treatment of asylum seekers. The JCHR secretary requested an electronic copy of DHR’s submission so she could copy the report to individual committee members

(16th July 2006) DHR Fast Response to DHR editorial
Errata, babes lost with the bath water, and what the medical profession should do

(14th July 2006) DHR editorial in BMJ on healthcare for failed asylum seekers
Current regulations flout international law

(24th Feb 2006) DHR writes to Mrs Hewitt
As part of the campaign to protect free healthcare provision for failed asylum seekers and other undocumented immigrants, DHR wrote to the Secretary of State for Health criticising the current regulations as violating international law

(18th Feb 2006) Conference paper on medical involvment in torture
Chair, Peter Hall‘s paper Torture: the antithesis of ethical medical behaviour

(27th Dec 2005) Bernie Hamilton passes away
We are greatly saddened that in the early morning hours of 24th December, our dear friend and colleague Bernie Hamilton, 60, lost his battle with a highly aggressive cancer.

(8th Dec 2005) Law Lords find torture evidence inadmissible
DHR intervenes in the appeal heard by the Law Lords against torture evidence being allowed in court

(14th Oct 2005) DHR salutes ban on human shields
Doctors for Human Rights salutes the decision by Israel’s High Court to ban the use of ‘human shields’ by the Israeli army

(12th October 2005) Press release - DHR writes to President Bush
Hunger strikers must not be force fed

(11th Oct 2005) Press release: Doctors complicit with torture should be arrested when they travel abroad
DHR calls on WMA to require national medical organisations to facilitate arrest of doctors who are complicit with to be arrested when they travel abroad

(8th October 2005) A stain on medical ethics
Medical complicity with torture - DHR correspondence published in the Lancet defines the seriousness of the violation and recommends a method to bring the perpetrators to justice

(26th Sept 2005) Lords to decide on allowing evidence extracted by torture
In the first terror case since July 7 to reach the highest court - the hearing will test whether the rules have changed

(14th Sept 2005) DHR former chairman appointed to UN post
DHR's first chairman has been appointed as a trustee of the United Nations Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture

(10th Sept 2005) Medical ethics and rights of hunger strikers
Detainees are on hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay. Some are being force fed via naso-gastric tube. Force feeding is a gross violation of medical ethics and of the detainees human rights

(August 2005) Tribute to Robin Cook
Robin Cook’s contribution to advancing human rights

(8th June 2005) Darfur and the International Criminal Court
Doctors for Human Rights urges the International Community to maintain pressure on Sudan

(29th April 2005) DHR and the Law Lords
DHR has participated in a campaign to be allowed the opportunity to persuade the Law Lords that information acquired through torture cannot be used in court

(April 2005) DHR publishes internet version of genocide report
To commemorate the 11th anniversary of start of the Rwandan genocide, and the screening of three new feature films dealing with the genocide that will lead to a greater awareness of the lasting suffering of the people of Rwanda (Hotel Rwanda, Shooting dogs and Sometimes in April), DHR is publishing its unique report (Rwanda 1994 - a report of the genocide) downloadable without charge on the DHR website.

(10th March 2005) Press Release: DHR Welcomes UN Initiative on Terrorism
Speaking in London today Dr. Peter Hall, Chair of said that Kofi Annan's initiative was a bold one, that reminded the world that nobody was above the law. Crimes against Humanity and gross violations of human rights can not be justified under any circumstances. To try to combat such abuses in a manner that failed to respect human rights was equally unacceptable, and counter productive as a weapon. Dr. Hall expressed the hope that the international community would give the UN Secretary General's initiative very serious consideration.

(14th Jan 2005) Timeline to Torture - the latest DHR report
A chronological account of relevant events, starting with the attack on the twin towers in New York on 9/11. This timeline was originally compiled as an information resource for participants at the Doctors for Human Rights conference on 26th June 2004, entitled “The health and human rights of unlawful detainees in Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere”. Since then the report has been constantly updated with contemporaty information as it became available

(25th Jan 2005) Press release: Return of Guantanamo Bay prisoners to UK
Four UK nationals are being released today after prolonged detention without trial compounded by alleged torture

(Dec 17th 2004) Law Lords outlaw indefinite detention without trial
Press release on a landmark decision by Law Lords by a majority of 8 to 1

(Dec 4th 2004) The Concluding Observations of Committee against Torture
Press release commenting on the Concluding Observations of the UN Committee against Torture to the record of the UK goverment

(Nov 19th 2004) PHR-UKs shadow report to the UN Committee against Torture
PHR-UK has made available its "shadow" report to the UN Comittee against Torture at the time of its consideration of the fourth periodic report of the United Kingdom on its efforts to give effect to the provisions of the Convention against Torture

(29 Oct 2004) PHR-UK publishes its prison health care report
PHR-UK has submitted a shadow report to the UN Committee against Torture, cataloguing violations of the Convention. Included within the report is a section on health care. Prisoners are entitled to the same standards of healthcare as the general public.

(Oct 2004) PHR-UK editorial in the Student British Medical Journal
‘The Importance of Human Rights to Health’

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