Strategy and Key Initiatives

Ongoing Projects

Promoting the right of all human beings to the highest attainable standard of Health and supporting Human Rights at the World Health Organisation and the World Health Assembly

Preventing unlawful detention and torture (especially via the Convention against Torture) and ultimately procuring the abolition of torture and other contraventions of Human Rights

Providing information and other assistance to individuals, states or governments in prosecuting or seeking civil remedies from torturers and those who conspire with them

Campaigning to end genocide (especially via the International Campaign to End Genocide)

Continuing the efforts to promote universal ratification of the International Criminal Court Statute and to support the office of the Prosecutor (especially via the Coalition for the International Criminal Court)

Campaigning to stop the death penalty. Advising the United Nations Human Rights Committee on medical criteria supporting the view that the death penalty amounts to torture or cruel or unusual punishment

Eliminating medical discrimination against patients and promoting health professionals' adherence to medical ethics and internationally recognised Human Rights standards

Supporting health professionals persecuted for their adherence to the principles of medical ethics and Human Rights or because of their conscientiously held beliefs

Exposing medical participation in Health and Human Rights violations

DHR Representation

Assisting with medical and legal representation on behalf of those whose Human Rights have been threatened or violated.

Liaising worldwide with governments, Health care, Human Rights and other bodies to ensure that the right of all human beings to the highest attainable standard of mental and physical Health is respected, protected and fulfilled, especially through working with the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health, the World Health Organisation and the United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights).

Promoting the contribution of medical experts to Human Rights by attending Human Rights meetings, conferences, seminars and similar events around the world


Promoting Health and Human Rights awareness, including the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through a variety of conferences, roundtables, courses and talks aimed at doctors, health professionals, medical students, non-governmental organisations, Human Rights students and the general public alike.

Initiating a global campaign to teach all doctors about the Right to Health and to make a public commitment to it. The campaign will include:

-Teaching Health and Human Rights to all medical students with a view to having the subject accepted as part of the compulsory curricula for all medical schools

- Developing an online Health and Human Rights distance learning course in collaboration with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Encouraging international awareness of HIV/AIDS as a Human Rights issue demanding urgent action and education


Developing fact finding investigations which monitor, document and publicise violations of Human Rights, especially those causing physical or mental harm.

Examining and addressing violations of medical neutrality in situations of armed conflict so that health professionals may undertake their impartial work and treat all patients equally.

Researching and advocating against torture and other Human Rights abuses arising from counter-terrorism measures. Membership

To increase overall membership numbers and to attract a medical membership comprising 5% of the UK medical profession.

Promoting support for Health and Human Rights amongst membership via regular meetings and communications to members.


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