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DHR Campaigns
A UN genocide prevention focal point
The right to the highest attainable standard of health
DHR campaigns for health and human rights education for doctors and medical students
Death penalty project
DHR's campaign against illegal detention and torture

DHR Reports
(Nov 8th) PHR-UK's "shadow" report to the UN Committee against Torture published
Health care in prisons 2004: criticisms
Human rights within the Hippocratic Oath (2002)
The right to the highest attainable standard of health (2002)
12 lessons from the Rwandan genocide (1999)
Paper presented at 1995 Kigali 5 Day Conference
(1995) Rwanda - the cause of the genocide
(1994) Genocide in Rwanda
Egypt 1993: democracy neutralised
Prison medicine 1992: what is going wrong (part one)
Prison medicine 1992: what is going wrong (part two)
(January 14 2005) Timeline to torture
Rwanda 1994 - a report of the genocide
Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia 1997
A False Dawn 1997: Palestinian Health and Human Rights Under Siege in the Peace Process.
Kuwait 1991: rights violations relating to the occupation
South Africa 1991 - health care discrimination

DHR Newsletters
Volume 22 No 1 Autumn 2011
Volume 21 No 1 Autumn 2010
Volume 20 No 1 Autumn 2009
Volume 19 No 1 Autumn 2008
Volume 18 No 1 Autumn 2007
Volume 17 No 1 Autumn 2006
Vol 16  No 2 Summer 2005
Vol 16 No 1 Spring 2005
Volume 15 No 3 Autumn 2004
Volume 15 No 2 Summer 2004
Volume 15 No 1 Spring 2004
Volume 14 No 4 Autumn 2003
Volume 14 No 3 Summer 2003
Volume 14 No 2 Spring 2003
Volume 14 No1 Winter 2003
Volume 13 No 2 Autumn 2002
Volume 13 No 1 Spring 2002
Volume 12 No 3 Autumn 2001
Vol 12 No 2 Summer 2001 (Part 2)
Vol 12 No 2 Summer 2001 (Part 1)
Vol 12 No 1 Spring 2001
Vol 11 No 4 Autumn (II) 2000
Vol 12 No 3 Autumn (I) 2000
Vol 11 No 2 Summer 2000
Vol 11 No 1 Spring 2000
Vol 10 No 2 Summer 1999
Vol 10 No 1, Spring 1999
Vol 8 No 1 Autumn 1997
Vol 8 No 1 Spring 1997

DHR Newsroom

(April 26 2011) DHR co-signs a letter to Barhain's Crown Prince Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa
(July 29th 2008) Healthcare inquiry calls for change to prevent further deaths
(17th Dec 2007) DHR members letter in Lancet on detainees treatment
(29th Sept 2007) DHR letter in the BMJ argues BMA in denial over refused asylum seekers healthcare
(10th Sept 2007) DHR writes to Secretary for State for health over refused asylum seekers healthcare
(11th Aug 2007) DHR Comment on refused asylum seekers’ access to healthcare published in Lancet
(5th May 2007) DHRs BMJ letter criticises the BMA over its deafening silence
(24th March 2007) DHR Lancet letter criticises Lancets publisher, Elsevier, for promoting arms sales
(13th Jan 2007) DHR letter in the Lancet demonstrates how health is the most important foreign policy objective
(12th Dec 2006) Parliamentary JCHR considers DHR’s report
(16th July 2006) DHR Fast Response to DHR editorial
(14th July 2006) DHR editorial in BMJ on healthcare for failed asylum seekers
(24th Feb 2006) DHR writes to Mrs Hewitt
(18th Feb 2006) Conference paper on medical involvment in torture
(27th Dec 2005) Bernie Hamilton passes away
(8th Dec 2005) Law Lords find torture evidence inadmissible
(14th Oct 2005) DHR salutes ban on human shields
(12th October 2005) Press release - DHR writes to President Bush
(11th Oct 2005) Press release: Doctors complicit with torture should be arrested when they travel abroad
(8th October 2005) A stain on medical ethics
(26th Sept 2005) Lords to decide on allowing evidence extracted by torture
(14th Sept 2005) DHR former chairman appointed to UN post
(10th Sept 2005) Medical ethics and rights of hunger strikers
(August 2005) Tribute to Robin Cook
(8th June 2005) Darfur and the International Criminal Court
(29th April 2005) DHR and the Law Lords
(April 2005) DHR publishes internet version of genocide report
(10th March 2005) Press Release: DHR Welcomes UN Initiative on Terrorism
(14th Jan 2005) Timeline to Torture - the latest DHR report
(25th Jan 2005) Press release: Return of Guantanamo Bay prisoners to UK
(Dec 17th 2004) Law Lords outlaw indefinite detention without trial
(Dec 4th 2004) The Concluding Observations of Committee against Torture
(Nov 19th 2004) PHR-UKs shadow report to the UN Committee against Torture
(29 Oct 2004) PHR-UK publishes its prison health care report
(Oct 2004) PHR-UK editorial in the Student British Medical Journal

DHR Affiliations
Center for Enquiry Into Health and Allied Themes
Johannes Wier Foundation
Physicians for Human Rights (US)
Physicians for Human Rights - Denmark
Physicians for Human Rights - Israel
The International Federation of Health and Human Rights Organisations